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Gorefield Primary School

Recorder Ensemble

After lunch time pressures last term, the Recorder Ensemble will now be meeting every Friday straight after school in the library. I really hope they can all make it! Please return consent forms as soon as possible as there is limited places and they will be filled on a first come first served basis.

After just getting to grips with particular notations such as crotchets, quavers, minims and semi-brieves and learning 3 notes last term, the children will be developing their skills through getting these to perfection and developing the amount of notes, and therefore tunes, they can play. As they progress, I will be arranging easy versions of Musical Masterpieces as well nursery rhymes and other well-known tunes.

To support your child at home, it would be fantastic if you could buy them their own recorder so they can practice as regularly as possible. To do this, I will be sending them home with practice packs. I will create more of these as they improve through the term so if you could encourage them to use these, that would be very beneficial to their playing. Remember if they can read music and they have an instrument, they will have a skill for life! They might be a famous musician one day and pay you back!

The Ensemble will get to show off their talents at the end of term in an extended music assembly for you to attend! See you there!

Contact Miss Elliot for more details.